Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Spartans will rise in 2011

Spartan Training Gear is a warrior lifestyle brand designed and engineered for fighters. It was created for the modern-day warriors who fight on the battlefield. In the streets. In the cage. It’s for anyone that embraces combat as a visceral part of their life. It’s for the unconquerable spirit of men and women who can look into the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, dig in their heels and yell ‘Come get some!’.

It’s that attitude that drove the founders of Spartan Training Gear to look beyond industry standards. To look beyond what was ‘good enough’. We looked at the list of usual suspects and decided you deserved better. So our design engineers, with over 50 years of combined manufacturing and military/law enforcement sales experience, set out to create the ultimate in warrior-styled training gear. We set out to make a product unlike any other. Something worthy of the name ‘Spartan’. Something that would not only protect, but that would invoke strength and authority. The result: Hoplite Training Armour. The world’s preeminent Multi-Purpose Combat Training Equipment.

At Spartan, our goal is to unleash your inner warrior through the synthesis of combat, science and style. The soul of our brand is embodied in the soldiers, officers and martial artists who trust Spartan Training products to provide them with the best protective training gear ever developed.

The Hoplite Training Armour line of products represent our commitment to quality and excellence.

Allow me to introduce one of our new products available in two bold colours:

           The Hoplite Vest in Greco Blue
The Hoplite Vest in Spartan Red

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  1. This is the Best Training Gear I have ever used!

    For scenario training and sparring its the official training gear for The Functional Edge System and the Mixed Martial Edge!